15811 — Splinter Camouflage Reversible Parka


Top quality reproduction German reversible parka. Fully reversible from Splinter camouflage to...

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15691 — Fallschirmjager 3rd Pattern M42 Jump Smock Splinter RUM342


A superb quality reproduction Fallschirmjager Splinter B Type 3 Jump Smock with excellent print and...

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15408 — Sumph Parka

Whermacht Sumph Parka , Model 43  Reversable.   very Nice Copy , good detailing , fully...

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15399 — Italian Cam Trousers


Super new Item . Italian cam Trouser , super print , with leg pocket nice and  wide can be worn as...

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15340 — Zeltbahn Splinter A Camouflage RUM032


Zeltbahn Splinter A, the best repro splinter I have seen. 2 shade variant ie one side darker on...

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15306 — Fallschirmjager Jump Smock Step-in Type II

The new step-in jump smock including eagle, beautiful flecked fabric.

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