15784 — Aluminium Heer Belt Buckle


An excellent replica of the Heer, Army belt buckle. This is a fabulous aluminium buckle for...

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15783 — Aluminium Hitler Youth Belt Buckle


An excellent replica of the Hitler Youth belt buckle. This is a fabulous aluminium buckle for the...

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15762 — Leather Utility Straps Pair RUM019


Pair of black leather straps which have various uses. You can attach these onto your A frame to...

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15761 — SS Officers Leather Belt


Black leather belt for the round SS officers dress buckle. The leather belt has the belt hook on...

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15759 — Early War Bread Bag Field Grey RUM007

Early WW2 style German bread bag. This has the leather reinforcement strips on the straps and the...

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15755 — German Officers Leather Belt Black


High quality, European made Officers leather belt with buckle. 4.5cm wide black leather belt with...

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15754 — Leather Blanket Strap Brown 1 strap


Brown leather blanket strap. High quality leather strap this even has the strip of leather on the...

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15752 — Leather Equipment Waist Belt Brown RUM024


German WW2 leather equipment waist belt. The standard belt issued in WW2 to the German Army. This...

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15621 — A-Frame with Personal Effects Bag


The reproduction A-Frame comes complete with a Personal Effects Bag. These are truly faithful...

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15279 — A Frame (Quality Reproduction)

Nice quality A frame , come with all three straps , tan webbing

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15277 — Dispatch Map Case Black (Repro)

Dispatch/Map Case for Officers, NCO’s and Dispatch Rider etc. In grained leather all correct...

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15226 — Officers Leather Belt Brown RUM031


Very nice copy of the early wide leather waist belt, perfect for Heer. These are wider than the...

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15223 — *New Stock* Luftwaffe Breadbag

Early pattern with leather re-inforcement to straps.

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15216 — E Tool Carrier Black Leather RUM017


Very nice straight E Tool Carrier in good quality black leather, with correct internal belt...

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15214 — Black Leather Equipment Waist Belt RUM003


Nice quality. Reverse leather (rough out) correct pattern, pressed steel hook, super quality belts...

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15183 — *New Stock* Folding Spade Carrier


Very nice copy, 2nd pattern in black leather

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15149 — Blanket Strap x 1 RUM018

Reproduction black leather blanket strap. Price is for one strap.

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15145 — Brown Leather Belt Loop


Reproduction brown leather belt loop.

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15135 — Re-worked Czech Y-Straps


Re-worked Czech Y-straps. An old favourite, we’ve been selling these for the past 15 years....

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