15623 — M31 Water Bottle

This M31 Water Bottle is a very nice reproduction and comes complete with metal cup and leather...

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15615 — Gas Cape RUM006


This gas cape is an excellent reproduction, using the same materials as the originals.  A must for...

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15607 — Combat Y-Straps RUM002


These outstanding 2nd pattern Y-straps were used by combat troops in both the Waffen SS and Heer....

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15606 — Fallschirmjager Leather Y-Straps Black RUM022


These superb reproduction European made Fallschirmjager Y-Straps are made from a lovely quality...

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15604 — Fallschirmjager Leather Y-Straps Brown RUM029


These superb reproduction European made Fallschirmjager Y-Straps are made from a lovely quality tan...

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15418 — Rucksak

Mid To Late War Rucksak , Issued To all Troops Heer , Waffen SS and Luftwaffe to Replace The...

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15409 — Gaiters Mid to Late war RUM012


Mid To Late war Gaiters ,  Gamaschen . nicely made with black leather edging and straps , the...

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15407 — German Clothing Bag RUM038


German Soldiers Clothing Bag a Nice quality Item in cotton with leather straps and edging ....

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15340 — Zeltbahn Splinter A Camouflage RUM032


Zeltbahn Splinter A, the best repro splinter I have seen. 2 shade variant ie one side darker on...

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15276 — Gaiters Early War RUM011


Early pattern gaiters for Heer and Waffen SS, in grey green cotton canvas with natural leather...

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15275 — Luftwaffe Gaiters RUM042


War time pattern gaiters for Luftwaffe, in blue grey cotton canvas with black leather straps and...

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15274 — Mess Tin (Post War)

Post war but the correct size mint with strap.

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15271 — Straight E Tool

vintage straight E tool , very good condition  with excellent repro leather carrier .

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15270 — Helmet Liner (Repro)


I have a number of helmet liners on original frames. The leather maybe CZ but looks very good...

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15268 — Helmet liner (Repro)


Sizes 57 to 60. Correct splint pins and washers £12 set (Please mention in the comments field for...

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15261 — Gaiters Late War (Repro) RUM010

Very good repro late war gaiters with black or tan straps. Correct 3 hole.

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15248 — Bakelite Water Bottle Cup


Black bakelite/plastic water bottle cup.

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15240 — Dust Goggles (Original)


Original issue Dust Goggles in packet, clear and smoked.

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15239 — Aluminum Belt Hooks


Aluminum belt hooks set of 4 pcs

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15227 — Gas Cape Bag RUM004


Very nice copy of the mid to late war cotton Gas Cape Bag

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15217 — Fallschirmjager Jump Gauntlets


Brown leather nice quality, unlined summer version. Order the same size as your shoe size, this...

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15188 — Rubberised Gas Cape Bag


Super copy of this early gas cape bag, which was issued with the gas mask. Price is for one...

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15187 — Repro Gasmask Cannister


Repro Gasmask Cannister complete with repro straps. Really Nice copy , Great Colour and very good...

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15185 — Water Bottle M31 Feldflasche Repro

At last I have superb reproduction water bottles. These are good quality, new bottles with repro...

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15124 — Scarf


Feldgrau cotton scarf

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15047 — Oak B Zelt

This lovely Waffen SS Oak B Zeltbahn has a very nice print on Heavy Cotton duck material and is...

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