15797 — German Marching Boots


Top quality European made leather marching boots. These are the natural leather colour so you will...

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15307 — Repro Wehrmacht Socks


Excellent copies made in Germany, 7 to 9 (II rings) 10 to 11 (III rings)

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15309 — Fallschirmjager Jump Boots

Really nice repros. Yes they did make them in grained leather, we have found the pictures.

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15308 — Bundeswehr Marching Boots

Bundeswehr marching boots, back in stock sizes 6-7- 8-85 9-9.5, no longer available with...

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15237 — Short Boots Back in stock RUM357


New super prima quality Short Boots. Very nice pegged and stitched, made in Europa , super...

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15236 — *New stock* DAK Low Boots

Available as both Luftwaffe (shown) or Heer. Stitched and pegged leather soles, studded with canvas...

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15235 — *New stock* Fallschirmjager 2nd Pattern Boots (Top quality)

Super Prima Type II Jump Boots. Very nice copy of the 2nd Jump Boots,

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15233 — *New stock* Bergsachuhe

Super copy of this iconic footwear. Beautifully made with all the correct metal work.

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